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The Tradition

The Tradition

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"Beauty abounds in Jericho Brown's daring new poetry collection, despite the evil that pollutes the everyday. The Tradition questions why and how we've become accustomed to terror: in the bedroom, the classroom, the workplace, and the movie theater. From mass shootings to rape to the murder of unarmed people by police, Brown interrupts complacency by locating each emergency in the garden of the body, where living things grow and wither- or survive. In the urgency born of real danger, Brown's work is at its most innovative. His invention of the duplex- a combination of the sonnet, the ghazal, and the blues- is an all-out exhibition of formal skill, and his lyrics move through elegy and memory with a breathless cadence. Jericho Brown is a poet of eros: here he wields this power as never before, touching the very heart of our cultural crisis." Copper Canyon Press

Jericho Brown, 77 pages, paperback, Copper Canyon Press 



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