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Kestrel Publishing

The Ghost Wore Black

The Ghost Wore Black

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"Ripped from the Headlines of the Past, Chris Woodyard presents a new collection of Victorian and Edwardian ghosts, evil entities, Fortean mysteries, and the paranormal panics and obsessions of long ago. There are apparitions of fiery devils, giant ghosts with clubs, Men and Women in Black, death omens, uncanny objects, ghostly murder victims, and ghastly phantom faces peering in windows, all resurrected from original 19th-century sources." -Kestrel Publications 

The Ghost Wore Black includes:

*The sinister Women in Black who terrorized communities across the country.

*Fiery devils roaming Bracken County, Kentucky

*The Wild Man of Stamford—madman or myth?

*Banshees in Indiana

*The girl who married a ghost

*A phantom bicyclist who raced with the living

*The bloody handprints left by a ghost in San Francisco

*An angel of death who appeared at a Louisville insane asylum

*And many more long-lost tales of ghosts, hauntings, and mysteries from across America.

Over 130 stories from 32 states. Sure to appeal to ghost-story fans, history buffs, and steampunk aficionados.

Chris Woodyard, paperback, 245 pages

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