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Mary Ann Castagnetta

Haunted Vacation

Haunted Vacation

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"Every year Blair and Freddy visit the beautiful seaside town of Cape May. They love vacationing there. The fabulous beach and the beautiful sunsets are great, but what they really want is to see a Ghost. Cape May is known for its Ghost activity, but all the times they've visited they have yet to encounter a Ghost. This time may be different. This vacation house is creepier than any other house they've rented in the past. Maybe, just maybe, they will be lucky this time. They feel like they're being watched. And the cold air they feel when they pass by the basement door is giving them hope that their wish will finally become a reality. Follow their journey and make sure to check out each page to see if you can find a hidden spirit." 

Written by Mary Ann Castagnetta, Illustrated by Ryan Kent Pauie


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