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Casemate Publishers

D-Day Training Pocket Manual 1944

D-Day Training Pocket Manual 1944

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"The success of the D-Day landings on June 6, 1944 depended on thousands of troops carrying out their mission and the seamless coordination of the amphibious landings with paratrooper and glider assaults. The troops not only had to be trained up ready for their own roles, but to work alongside other troops, often coordinating activities and communicating with other troops while in unfamiliar terrain and under fire. This pocket manual brings together excerpts from Allied manuals used in the preparation for D-Day, including amphibious landings and managing beachheads, pathfinder, paractrooper and glider pilot training, and infantry and armored fighting in the bocage countryside." -Casemate Publishers

Edited by Chris McNab, 160 pages, 30 black and white photos and diagrams

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